Drink Safe Precinct (DSP) – Chill Out Zone

The  Drink Safe Precinct strives to reduce the effects of public intoxication providing on the street assistance for intoxicated persons through projects such as the Chill Out Zone, and to prevent the adverse affects of public intoxication by means of education. Chill Out Zone Every weekend you can find the Chill Out Zone’s  vans  providing assistance [ More on this program ]

Resource and Development Service (RADS)

RADS aims to provide opportunities for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. RADS works with young people and a range of service providers on various initiatives to ensure young peoples needs are included in the social, cultural and economic life of their community. The programs supports young people to develop their [ More on this program ]

Youth Accommodation Program (YAP)

What is YAP? The Youth Accommodation Program (YAP) assists young people aged 16 to 21 years, who are at “risk of” homelessness and/or are homeless. YAP provides long-term externally supported accommodation, including a practical life-skills program, to enable young people to live independently within their wider community. The Youth Accommodation Program provides semi-independent shared accommodation [ More on this program ]

Youth Work Team (YWT)

As a young person it can sometimes feel when you are having issues with your accommodation!   Sometimes….things happen….and for whatever reason, you either can’t keep living where you are….or you become homeless. Or……you might be at risk of having nowhere to live. So what does it mean to be homeless? It isn’t just about [ More on this program ]

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